Commercial Pest Control

Every business has unique requirements, no matter what business you are in.
PIPM experts are ready to face any challenge. PIPM designed a customized pest management program according to IPM, AIB standards and your needs.
PIPM prides itself in being at the forefront of helping businesses stay pest free using an Integrative Pest Management (IPM) approach. The practice involves minimizing the usage of chemicals by putting treatment as the last option using the below program:

A- Identification B- Monitoring C- Sanitation D- Exclusion E- Extermination F- Documentation

We understand that every business is unique to itself, and as a result we develop an IPM program that is suited for your business.

Every assessment begins with a Free on-site survey and consultation. This enables our consultants to evaluate the unique requirements for the premises and recommend the best solutions to control pests. We will then provide you with a pest control proposal that is customized for your business needs.

Once you are agreeable with our pest removal program, PIPM team will launch your pest control treatments into action.


Whether you are running a restaurant, bistro, cafe or any other food and beverage establishment, pest control is one of your major concerns. Food businesses are very prone to pest infestations because they are places where food is served, which attracts all kinds of pests. Your fully stocked fridge, food waste or accidental spills here or there are essentially free meals to these pests. Even with a clean and well-managed establishment, pests are always an immediate threat simply due to the nature of food production.

Your business reputation relies on the swift and timely response in handling the pest problems your F&B shop face. Remember, having a pest problem does not reflect the quality of your food, but only the actions that you take to resolve and prevent it.


The large floor space of your warehouse or industrial property make it challenging to manage pest appearances and infestations. Such premises are vulnerable to all kinds of pest problems and their sheer size is an opportunity for pests to breed and hide since it is not likely that human presence covers the entire area all the time. There are also entrances, access points or delivery doors that must stay open frequently, allowing unwanted pests to enter the property.

Protect your inventories, equipment, furniture and the health of your staff when you get a comprehensive commercial pest control plan with us. All our professionals are not only DM licensed technicians but have also completed IPM courses and many relevant training programs.

Residential Pest Control

As Dubai’s landscape is ever-changing, our treatments consider apartments and homes that have been standing still or newly renovated, that often fall prey to pests. Our customized flush-out treatments are effective and safe. We use a gentle non-staining water-based treatment indoors and on all surfaces.

Most importantly, PIPM understands that protecting your family, loved ones and pets is your priority. That is why our treatments focus on source reduction to minimize the use of chemicals and where possible, we will recommend you non-toxic or low toxicity treatment options. For your peace of mind, we also use water-based chemicals so that any chemical residues can be easily removed from your home once it has done its job and eliminated the pest

Our residential pest control experts have experience in safely and effectively removing pest from your residential property. Most of these problems only Require one time service. So call us now to get a free residential pest control quote over the phone +97143803805

Rodent Control

People are very concerned about rodent control- and with good reason. If rodents enter your home or business, they are much more than a nuisance.
Rodents consume and contaminate food with their fur, urine, and feces. Rat burrowing causes streets and structures to collapse. Their constant gnawing damages property. This has caused power outages, Internet blackouts, computer crashes, fires, and human deaths as well. So it is essential to use professional rodent management solutions to protect your house or business from rats and mice.


  • A dead rodent will give out an unpleasant odour.
  • Chew marks can be seen on wires, wood, plastic, rubber, and other materials.
  • The higher the rodent infestation is, the mustier the smell present.
  • Rodent droppings are the most commonly observed sign of an infestation. 
  • Scratching, scampering, and gnawing noises in the inside walls, ceilings, and attics.



Bed Bugs

Bed bugs in Dubai are not your ordinary pests. These blood-sucking creatures are extremely difficult to control! Even worse, studies indicate that they have developed a resistance to the most commonly used insecticides. As a result, it becomes difficult for home and business owners to eradicate or keep bed bug infestations away from their premises.

If you know anything about bed bugs, it’s that they exclusively depend on your blood for survival and are quite skilled at hiding out. These oval-shaped, wingless insects stay in hiding all day and only to appear at night when you’re deep in your sleep.

Swiftly, yet so carefully, they puncture your skin with their sharp proboscis, steal your blood and rush back into their hiding to digest- you almost will never spot them until the infestation is full-blown and out of control.


  • A musky and coriander-like odor that is often mistaken with the smell of dirty and damp shoes.
  • Unexplained blood stains on your bright bed clothing
  • White, soft, and sticky bed bug eggs
  • Bed bug shells (shed off exoskeleton)
  • Live bed bugs

PIPM Pest Control Services are highly trained and knowledgeable in the behaviors, tricks, and ways of bed bugs. They are equipped with the most appropriate tools and methodologies to exterminate bed bugs using the least possible chemicals. By implementing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices, the experts will get rid of bed bugs permanently and safely. Additionally, they employ the best course of treatment that guarantees long-term protection from bed bug re-infestations.

Disinfection & Sterilization

Regular home and office cleaning removes dirt and reduces the number of germs on surfaces. Unfortunately, cleaning alone does not completely kill germs. Even with regular cleaning, bacteria and viruses can spread through the air or contact with contaminated surfaces.

Studies show that SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19, can live on certain surfaces in your office for days! .

PIPM is helping to fight the COVID-19 pandemic by offering industry leading hospital grade disinfecting services for residential & commercial properties. With our Complete approved disinfectant we are now able to effectively clean and sanitize all your spaces.

Anti Termite

Termites are often called the “silent destroyer” because they may be secretly hiding and thriving in your home without any immediate signs of damage, until the problem becomes severe. All termites consume cellulose-based plant materials. Unfortunately, all homes, regardless of their construction type, can provide cellulose food for termite infestation. Subterranean termite homes are usually formed in soil, and within these mounds, termites build elaborate tunnel systems and mud tunnels through which they access above-ground food sources. There are many ways you can identify termites, however, the time spent on trying to locate them could lead to mounting frustration when you leave the infestation untreated and subsequently, costly repairs when damage has been done

Treatment Methods


Our Team begin by installing Above Ground Stations along active mud trails. These mud trails have been constructed by termites as travel paths and passageways between food sources and their colony. These secluded stations attract termites to feed on our Termiticide bait.


To prevent infestation by termite colonies and for additional peace of mind, PIPM can install In-Ground Stations surrounding your premises as a preventive measure. There are two main type of in-ground stations:

1. Soil In Ground

● For use in landscaped areas
● The cover is flushed to the ground

2. Concrete In Ground

● For use in driveways, tiled areas and concrete areas
● The cover is flushed to the ground


Fumigation plays a key role particularly in grain preservation as it controls Stored Insect Pests (SIP) developing inside and outside food grains and various other agriculture produce like rice, wheat, corn, cotton, tobacco, soya beans, nuts, baking products etc. SIP pose a significant quarantine risk in all countries and accordingly all import and export cargo should be fumigated. If decided to keep in storage facility. PIPM committed to follow method and standard of GAFTA after approved by the
local authority.